Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jet Setter. . .

When we were waiting for Owen's arrival, we always said that we wouldn't let having a baby get in the way of our travels. When Owen was a mere 23 weeks gestation, we went to Romania and Hungary. However, at that point Owen didn't need an entire car full of items to throw up on--I mean, to get him through the trip. Also, JJ and I didn't need to bring more than the essentials. Since we are changing clothes almost as many times as we change diapers in a day, we require about twice the amount of space to go places. In any case, we have made a couple of fun trips with Owen in the last few weeks in preparation for his BIG trip to Hawaii for JJ's cousin's wedding.

First, we went to Seattle for the wedding of a former youth group kid. I say kid, but wow he is an adult! It's crazy to me that he is old enough to be married, but we were not much older when we were married. JJ was asked to perform the ceremony and I thought he did an amazing job. As much as I think everyone in their twenties dreads going to yet ANOTHER wedding (more gifts to buy, miles to travel, Saturdays not spent working on the house--wait a second, weddings are great if only for that reason), I really enjoyed being a part of this happy occasion. JJ's message reminded me of why marriage is such a sacred and precious thing and I feel blessed to be married to a man who listens to his own words and acts on them. Rance and Elle were a vision together and we are so happy for them. Mimi and Poppie babysat for the night and we had our first night out alone. We had good wine, ate good food, had good wine, got Krispy Kreme--did I mention I had some good wine? I also got to spend some good time with my best friend Amanda (Auntie Manders as she will likely be known) and we made great memories at Pike Place Market with Mimi and Poppie.

Did I mention that wine?

I forced JJ to let me take a picture of how darn skinny he is. Hot Ordained-Minister-of-the-Gospel-by-the-Power-Vested-in-Him-by-God-and-the-State-of-Washington, coming through!

Making friends with crustaceans

Enjoying our first date night without Owen. Can't you see the tears behind the smiles? We missed him terribly, I promise.

Mimi and Poppie showing Owen around their city

Stopped to get the last of the dahlia bouquets at Pike Place

Owen LOVES Auntie Manders. She's got the touch.

The following weekend, we took off for Colorado Springs for another wedding of two beloved friends. It's not very often that one knows both bride and groom, but we have been fortunate enough to know these two lovebirds as they both volunteered for the youth ministry at Shiloh Hills Fellowship. We couldn't be happier for these sweet friends who have shared life with us in the ups and downs. The weather was hot, the bride and groom; hotter, and we had a blast with our good friends who came to the wedding as well. We also spent the day in Denver before we left for Spokane and had a great time exploring the city. My favorite memory was going to Goodwill to get authentic Colorado shirts from local schools. JJ is the proud owner of a T-Wolves Soccer shirt from some high school, and I bear the name of a community college in Colorado Springs which incidentally has the same mascot as my high school. Go Greyhounds! We are making that our new tradition.

Owen was a CHAMPION on the airplane trips to and from Colorado. One woman even said, "Oh my goodness! I didn't even know there was a baby on this flight the whole time!"
Yes, we are a model family. Plus, there happened to be a fussy two-year old on the place, so it made us look a lot better in the event that Owen got a little fussy--which he totally didn't.

Dancing at his first wedding

JJ trying to cut in

The fabulous newlyweds, Alex and Emily

Family portrait at Garden of the Gods

Owen, climbing some rock formation.

It was BRIGHT and HOT in Colorado Springs. Luckily, Alyssa had some shades totally appropriate for an infant.

In other news, Owen is growing, growing, growing. He surprises me every day. Just when I start to get the itch to find a job because I get a little bored with my infant son, he does something cool and I'm back just staring at him and playing with him. I forget that he won't stay this way forever sometimes. I miss little things about him from just a few weeks ago and I get excited about all of the new stuff he is doing. A friend of mine, Amy, said, "No one ever tells you that this will be the last time you'll watch your child do this: ______." You'll put a baby to sleep that has never smiled at you and you'll wake up to a baby who gives you a wide, toothless grin. You'll turn around and all of a sudden your baby who could only cry is now cooing and laughing. Love keeps growing more love in this house!