Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yoga, Baby.

Well, this week has been another eventful week in our home. I found out that I actually did pass my Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (which shocked me after I confidently answered 20 of 160 questions in 3 hours). I somehow managed the highest score which is completely beyond me, but I certainly won't complain. So, now that the exam is behind me and I can just focus on graduating, it seems like I am more interested in this whole raising a child business. I can't feel it move, so it still doesn't seem real, but when I can put away about 400 more calories than I normally intake, I suddenly remember that there is a child growing. One of my books told me that it's cool to continue exercising, but I have to eat as many calories as I burned during my workout. This is nice especially when all I wanted was a dipped cone at Dairy Queen, and the people in front of us couldn't pay for their order so I get a large bucket o' fries to boot. Don't go calling CPS just yet. I promise I eat good food, too. Corndogs have protein, remember?

We went in for a little emergency ultrasound this week, and to our surprise and delight, the baby is bigger and totally healthy. We both closed our eyes when the ultrasound technician took the magic wand to my abdomen, but when she said, "There it is! Looking good," we let out a sign of relief and spent about ten minutes peeking into the life of our child. Even seeing it wiggle and punch still didn't make it quite real. When she zoomed in on the baby's face, it was opening and closing its mouth and that's when I realized--there's our kid.

The baby is lodged in quite nicely and moves everything but it's lower body. So, we waited and waited for a view to see if we're having an Ella Jane or a Clive Baxter (we just can't think of any boy names), but the baby just wouldn't budge. So, because it already likes yoga, we'll probably have to name it something new-agey like Sunbeam or Banjo.

So, I guess we will have to wait four more weeks to find out what we are having. Until then we are focusing on who we are having. It's amazing to think that this baby already has a personality uniquely given by God and we are patiently waiting to find out what Ella Jane or Norman Philbert will be like! We will post some ultrasound pictures as soon as we scan them.

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