Monday, March 7, 2011

On the slippery slope to Carrot Top, or: Letting Mother Nature Down

As my hair snaps off into my lap, I consider renaming I wanted to call it, but there is already a "failblog" which really just looks like a blog with videos of situations I get myself into daily. My spring cleaning effort (read: experiment) has so far, been a giant failure. I put something I thought was shampoo in my hair and it seemed to turn it an orangeish hue.

Did anyone else become violently ill after looking at this photo?

It turned out to smell like a cleaning product, but I suspect it was Old Spice Body Wash because I smelled like the man my man actually smells like.

I also found some organic face toner and used that. I have no idea what face toner is for, but at some point in college a woman convinced me I needed it (the year was 2004 to be exact) so I bought it and after not knowing what it was for and decided that it wasn't important enough to use on my face before my 8 AM Old Testament class, I stopped using it. It somehow managed to follow me into our home and wind up back on my face 7 years later. I think a good rule of thumb is that any product you have had for longer than the time it would take you to use it up had you been using it on a regular basis is likely not safe to use again 7 years later.

I also had to ask a sales clerk at Bath & Body Works what color Sea Island Cotton shower gel is supposed to be and it turns out that chartreuse (while beautiful) is not it.

All of this is to say that I have moved on from my experiment and have used some of the soaps to clean things which surprisingly/horrifyingly worked (it can clean my sink AND my skin?). The other stuff I rinsed out and recycled or repurposed the containers.

Anyway, this little experiment has taught me two things about myself:

1. I don’t like showering all that much so when I do shower it has to be nice (so I got shampoo that didn’t burn my hair off and face wash that actually eliminates blemishes rather than causes them)

2. That I love the Earth enough to want to change the way I live my life rather than make up for the crappy things I have done in the past.

OK. I am now moving onto other things like being a grump about this horrible weather. Speaking of turning orange, I see a tanning bed in my future...


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Morgan said...

I am happy to hear the conclusion to your experiment. We were working on conclusions in my science class today. Miss you! Happy Easter!