Friday, September 26, 2008

Viva la Vida. . .

Or Death and All His Friends. Yes, I am speaking of perhaps the most epic music to ever hit your eardrums. If you do not have Coldplay's new album, you are not living. Why am I writing about this you might ask? Well, Coldplay is our favorite band and as you may recall, in 2005 our entire wedding party walked down the aisle to the song "Fix You." Also epic, by the bye. We went with JJ's sister Emily a few years back and have still not recovered from all of the residual awesomeness. So, in anticipation of their upcoming album, JJ and I tossed around the idea of seeing a show in this tour. As it turned out, Coldplay would not be stopping by the great PNW and our dreams were crushed. Until one day, on a whim, JJ bid for tickets on eBay. This is not normal for him, but he tried anyway. The result was two tickets to what might be the end all, be all of our short, concert-going lives. The only problem: we have to get back to California and the Ankle Express,--albeit free--would take too long. Being the jet-setters we are, we got cheap-ish plane tickets and packed our bags once again for Los Angeles. The result was a mind-blowing evening of Chris Martin and the gang once again showing up all musicians for all of eternity.

We had time to kill before our flight the next day, so we got a couple of tickets to Knott's Berry Farm and did things I hope to never do again. I learned that I can't control myself when I go from 0 to 80 in 2 seconds and if a five year old tells me that a vertical drop at that speed is "no big deal" that I should not believe her. We had a blast, but we are fairly certain that we are all theme-parked out for the year! 

Check out some pictures and videos of the concert and Knott's. If you are going to the Coldplay concert soon, don't watch the videos!

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