Monday, March 8, 2010

Half Full. . .

I am notorious for reading only half of many of the books I pick up. In my defense, there are many books I have read all the way through, but when it matters, you can usually find me picking out words in bold and italics and Googling them so I at least know the terms which gives the illusion of having read the whole thing. [For what it’s worth, my computer didn’t red zig-zag underline ‘Googling’--it’s a sign of the times]

I also have a bin full of sewing projects that I have half-done. It’s a shame because they will stay that way until I can find half a baby to put half a blanket on or until I can give half a craft to a friend on her half-birthday.

There are countless movies that I will never know the end to which is pretty much fine with me because they usually never turn out the way I want them to. There are half-enjoyed cold cups of coffee sitting in my half-clean office which probably means that the coffee wasn’t all that great and my office probably wasn’t all that messy.

I am not proud of the things I have half-done in my life, but I’m not really ashamed. Maybe it leaves me with a feeling that there is always something out there to be completed or accomplished or the more likely scenario is that I get bored easily. Either way, there is one thing I am very proud of doing halfway:

That’s right--half of my pregnancy is over. It’s crazy to think that 20 weeks have gone by and I only have to do that many more weeks before we get to hold our son. So, I consider it quite the accomplishment to have done this one thing half-way. However, unlike my coffee, office, books, and movies I look forward to the completion of this little project.

In other news, it feels like spring in Spokane and it is so nice. I woke up this morning and checked on my orchid and it was still one blossom and two little green buds. By the time I got home today I had two beautiful blossoms and one green bud. Orchids are difficult to raise, but it is so rewarding when they finally open. Simply having such a unique and perfect flower on my table brightens up our house and it’s a lovely reminder of the newness and purity of the spring season.


Keith and Meghan said...

Well, it's a good thing you plan on completing the pregnancy project because I have a feeling it would finish on it's own anyway! HA! And at the end you get a sweet reward (and a lot of pain and sleepless nights!). Let's plan on hanging out on July 25th ...pencil me in okay. Katy I love reading what you write, you are thoughtful and funny. I'm so glad you let me discover your blog. Also, if you'd like to see what Hansel's birthday friend (baby Ross, that is) looks like from the outside perspective check out Krista & KJ's new blog at

The KJs said...

Love the picture of Cupcake's boyfriend Katy! You are adorable!

Camille said...

You look beautiful as always, Katy! :)