Thursday, October 14, 2010

I wish, I wish, I wish I were a fish!

We took little Owen to the Y to swim for the very first time and he LOVED it. We have a little fish on our hands. Or fins.

He was so calm in the water, he almost fell asleep. He might have, too if I hadn't accidentally and suddenly plunged him into the water. Whoops. Mom of the Year. He's like a bar of soap when you get him wet. After the initial shock of being forsaken and abused by his young and inexperienced mother, he was again on his back splashing around as if to say, "I remember this watery feeling, but it was a lot less roomy and there were no old men in Speedos to contend with."

Getting his new swim trunks on

He's checking out the water
This was right before he was accidentally submerged (see video below)

Not so slippery in dad's big, strong arms

Tired after a long swim
Next week, the butterfly stroke


Morgan said...

FUN! I miss you.

Keith and Meghan said...

super funny video! i have a video where tipsy attacks kendall--mom of the year!

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Love it. And I think we agree that time in the water is essential for the little ones ;). Love that your tackling it already!