Friday, October 15, 2010

Times, They are a Changin'

Just when I think that I am getting bored being home with Owen, he does something so incredible I could just sit and watch him all day.

The past two weeks, he has turned into OWEN. I don't know how else to explain it, but I feel like he isn't just some gelatinous Gerber creature who could be anyone's kid. He's totally got a personality and he definitely has my heart in his hands!

First of all, I have kind of figured him out for the most part. There were two days where he reacted to whatever and I responded and it made him stop crying. It was magical. Then it kept happening. It was like guessing the right door on a game show every single time and the prize was (instead of a brand new car) a super happy baby or some peace and quiet. This kid was like putty in my hands, falling asleep the second I picked him up.

He is sitting up, leaned forward on his own and when I pull him from a laying down position to standing he holds his head up. This is totally normal, but I am proud of him nonetheless. He loves to stand and push off my lap with his chubby little feet. My arms are getting tired!

Next, he started being able to see himself in the mirror. Maybe he always did but he was thinking, "Who is this gelatinous Gerber creature?"
Well, now he looks at himself and at me in the mirror and (onto his next new trick). . .


To hear his giggles and squeals make my heart melt. My soul purpose in interacting with him is to hear that little laugh again. Occasionally, it turns into a blood-curdling scream and I'm not totally sure what that's all about, but I get the feeling he doesn't know either. He is talking a lot and if I play a video of himself talking, he starts talking back at it. I have some cute video, but I can't get it to upload in less than three days because I am apparently and idiot. I'll try again some other time.

Last, but not least, Owen has slept through the night twice. Like, really through a normal night. Not from 5 t0 1, but from 10 to 6 or 11 to 7. It was nice, but I'm still exhausted. JJ's response to my need for a nap and my general grogginess went something like this:

Sort of.

I get that all of these things are not surprising to anyone especially bank tellers, grocery clerks, gas station attendants or pretty much all the other unsuspecting and innocent bystanders who I tell. They are normal milestones that Owen has never done and that's why I'm bothering telling you so. Oh no. That's a line from Dr. Seuss.


Keith and Meghan said...

isn't is GREAT??? The giggles, the calming power we now have, the neck strength, the SLEEP???? I feel much the same way these past few days :)

Emilie said...

So happy for you!