Sunday, November 7, 2010


Since Owen is still on Spokane time, our schedule here is a little messed up, so I have some time to update the blog. It actually works just fine because it makes the days really long and lovely and we can go to bed when the sun sets since there isn't much we can do (or see) here after dark.

JJ is on a three day hiking trip on the Kalalau Trail where at the end, he will perform the wedding ceremony for his cousin. Owen and I are just exploring the island while he hikes and yesterday, we drove down to Kapa'a. We stopped by a lighthouse on the way and watched tropical birds fly in this craggy cove. THen we continued on to Kap'a. It is a cute little beach town (what isn't here, right?) with farmer's markets and little shops. I went past the main market a couple of times and finally decided that it was worth it to take my sleeping baby out and look around. Owen liked looking at all the colorful dresses and Hawaiian shirts (I didn't buy him an outfit, but I will be). We were walking around a little shop when I heard a voice behind me,"Is that Katy Vancil?" I turned around to see friends who got married last weekend and were on their honeymoon. Crazy. I am sure that your former youth pastor's wife is on the top of the list of People You Don't Want to Run Into During Your Honeymoon along with your parents and ex-boyfriends. But they were kind enough to talk to me before they jetted off to a kayaking trip. Then, as I was making the rounds again, I recognized someone else. I couldn't place her, so I just asked. It took us a minute, but we figured out that she is the grandmother of the wife of our friend whose wedding JJ was in an we performed a song during. I was eight and a half months pregnant then, so she got to meet Owen. Really crazy. How random is that? God seems to do these things to me often and I love how these little events are unifying and confidence building. Unifying in that it's just too strange to be a mere coincidence and it feels like God's way of showing us we are all connected to him. Confidence building in that I have never been on vacation in the United States, so I am still acting quite timid when it comes to exploring on my own. When I recognized these people, it made me realize that I am not in fact in Mexico, I speak the language, know the rules of the road, have the currency in my pocket, and I can still just dial 911 to get help. I know that all seems crazy, but until then, I felt like I was stranded in a foreign country. Now I feel excited about today's adventures. Who knows? Maybe I will see some more friends from home today!

After our trip to the market, Owen and I drove home, grabbed some lunch and took off for a walk in the hot sun. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and there were surfers dotting the coastline so we watched them take wave after wave. Looking along the coastline, I just had to cry knowing that JJ was in those trees hiking without us. I could only make it through those moments with prayer. I try not to think about JJ too much because it actually hurts my heart and I want to be happy for Owen. DOn't get me wrong, I am happy because I am in Hawaii with Owen and JJ, but when we aren't together, nothing seems to really matter all that much. We aren't WE without all of US and I see everything like it's missing a little piece of the puzzle; like it's not a complete picture.

So Owen and I will check out a few things today depending on the weather up here, but we'll wait to see the really fun stuff when dad hikes home on Monday. Until then: Aloha!

Owen's makeshift play mat Why didn't I think of this before?

Dad and Crocodile Dundee at Ke'e Beach

Ke'e Beach

Owen lounging in the sand

A few pictures of the view from our amazing condo


Keith and Meghan said...

I love that you are getting out and about with Owen in a new place---I'd be totally intimidated! How did the flight go? Ok, genius idea with the play mat!!! I was just thinking if it's worth packing for our trip later this week since Kendall uses hers all the I just have to find a chair :) Have so much fun! Can't wait to see more pictures from your adventures!

Emilie said...

GENIUS idea on the makeshift playmat...Will definitely try to remember that one here in a few months:) Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

I'd be lying if I said I'm not completely jealous of you right now. It is SO cold here! Enjoy your time - and I'm sure JJ's back by now so your family is reunited ;). Thank goodness, huh?! Have so much fun the rest of your time there.