Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back to Reality

After being on Kaua'i for nearly two weeks, Spokane was beginning to become a distant memory. It felt as though we had always been frolicking on golden shores, splashing in crystal clear water, and sitting in the soft, fragrant Hawai'ian breeze. In reality, we are meant to be trudging through snow, sloshing around in puddles, and straining against the harsh Spokane wind storms. Coming home from Kaua'i was one of the saddest feelings I have had in my entire life. Being a mom was easy there. Being a family all day, every day was even easier. I loved having all of us together with not a care in the world. Owen loved it , too. He didn't fuss at all the whole trip and he laughed and played the whole time. Sleeping was a challenge, but his first night back in a crib and he slept through the night again--a whole 9 hours (back to normal--thanks, buddy)! I think he was so happy in Hawai'i that he wanted to be awake and when he got back to the depressing Washington weather, he just decided it wasn't worth his time to get up.

Anyway, our trip was an amazing time for us and we feel really fortunate to have had this experience. We were reflecting on our time there and I wondered what the best part of our vacation had been for us. We talked about all the things we did: swimming in pristine waters, snorkeling with tropical fish and turtles, hiking the Kalalau Trail, taking long drives along the Coconut Coast, exploring sweet little towns, and gazing at Hawai'ian sunsets. However, we both said that the best part of our vacation was being a family; getting to know Owen, getting to know each other as his parents, and remembering why we fell in love with each other in the first place. We are family and we love each other no matter where we are. It is for this very reason that I am smiling and happy on this freezing, damp, November night. I am at home and at peace with my family. We have paradise right here in soggy Spokane because we are together. So, with much aloha in our hearts, we bid goodbye (aloha, I guess) to Kaua'i, and said hello (er, aloha) to Spokane, happy to be a family.

Here are some highlights from our trip:

One happy baby!

Checking out the sunset at Pu'u Po'a Beach

JJ checking out the winter waves in the distance that finally started coming in and they were huge

A view from our condo to Hideaways Beach where we watched turtles play each morning and night. Loving Owen in those Little Swimmers!

So proud that he survived the Kalalau Trail! He kept assuring me it was no big deal, but I happened upon these signs at the trail head (below).

A view of Hanalei Bay

Adding two new feet to the sand

His head looks gigantic, but whatever--it is. He's naked and super cute. I am still finding sand in all the chubby skin folds. It is never going to wash out of the ones on his legs.

JJ, looking down on where he performed the ceremony for his cousin's wedding. Only accessible by an 11 mile hike, you can view it from a lookout. We watched Nene birds flying through the valley.

JJ, showing Owen where he spent a couple of days with some free spirited people:)

Wiamea Canyon, what Mark Twain called the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific."

Happy beach bums.

Looking out over Hanalei Valley to the sugar cane and taro fields.

The beach at Kapa'a.

More of Hanalei Bay. This was what the weather was like our entire trip, excpet of course, when JJ really needed it to be sunny at 5 AM on one of the most dangerous trails in America.

Beautiful water everywhere!

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Linda Johnston said...

I had so much fun looking at your blog. Your family is so beautiful. You look so happy and that just makes me happy too. Your vacation in Hawaii looks amazing!